New Patients for Dubai Chiropractor, Ryan Davis

Preparing for Your Appointment at UpandRunning

We recommend you wear athletic gear. Bring your Emirates ID.  Most insurance covers chiropractic.  We will provide a claim form for reimbursement.  We also offer direct billing for certain insurances, with a referral from your general practitioner. 

UpandRunning Chiropractic clinic Dubai

Preparing for Your Appointment

When you come in, a friendly member of our team will greet you. Please bring your Emirates ID.  Most insurance plans will cover chiropractic care in Dubai.  We also offer direct billing for some select insurances upon referral from a doctor.  

After that, Dr. Davis will discuss your concern and perform the initial examination and treatment.  

Dr. Davis will perform an initial examination as well as provide treatment on the initial visit.  Please bring any prior imaging or relevant information should you have available. 

Feeling Better From Day One

Once you understand your customized plan of care, Dr. Davis will perform your first adjustment. There’s no reason to wait when you’re in pain. We get straight to work so you can start feeling results faster.

If you haven’t already talked with our team about finances on the phone, our front desk staff will review financial information with you before you leave. We will provide your claim form for those using pay and claim. 

This first appointment last 30 minutes.

Start a New Season of Health Today

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that an underlying issue needs to be addressed. Don’t wait to start taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Schedule your appointment today to get out of pain and back to doing the activities you love.

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